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The monetary donations were collected on behalf of those who went to school and grew up with Darrin as a way to memorialize Darrin. Thank you to those who joined us!

Darrin - you will be missed

ABOUT DONATING in Darrin's name

* During these difficult economic times, any amount will do to memorialize a great person the world has lost. Donations in honor of Darrin's memory may continue. We ask they be sent directly to the family's church. (address is listed below)- Thank you!!

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Feel free to leave some memorable anecdote or comment here to forever keep the memory of Darrin alive.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fellowship Evangelical Free Church provides shelter to homeless

As many of you may know, Darrin's family was deeply spiritual. The donations in his memory can be made directly to the family's church that they support.

The church hosted V.I.S.I.O.N., the homeless outreach program listed below, in January 2011.
Donations were made in Darrin's memory to supporting the Church's efforts for this good cause.
Thank you to everyone who joined us in this wonderful memorial♥

This is the ministry the family requested to send donations to...

~ Make Checks payable to ~ "Fellowship Evangelical Free Church"
45 Hildebrandt Rd
Dallas Pa 18612

This is the link with some information about the VISION
program :

Luzerne County Campground Gives Homeless Shelter

Here is a link to their Church:

Darrin's Obituary link

Darrin's Obituary as published in the Times Leader

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Guestbook for Darrin

This guestbook is compliments of the Times leader and can also be found linked on his obituary page. Please feel free to leave some comment of support for the family or a kind memory of Darrin ♥

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